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In demand jobs in Qatar

Qatar offers a wealth of opportunities for job seekers across different industries. Whether you want to pursue a career in oil and gas, which has long been the economic backbone of the country, or in fast-growing sectors like construction, hospitality, finance, education, or healthcare, there are abundant job vacancies available.

With its thriving economy powered by large-scale projects, top-notch infrastructure developed for mega events like the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and focus on sustainable development through initiatives like the North Field expansion, Qatar provides an excellent environment to either start or progress your professional journey.

One of the largest projects currently underway is the multi-billion dollar North Field East (NFE) expansion project. This involves increasing Qatar’s natural gas production from its largest offshore field, the North Field, which it shares with Iran.

in demand jobs in qatar
Credit: Qatargas Operating Company Limited

Key aspects of the NFE project as per the provided details include developing 4 new LNG trains with a combined annual capacity of 32 million tonnes. It will include 80 new wells from eight new platforms, installation of 8 drilling rigs and pipelines. Extensive onshore facilities are also being constructed.

Given its scale, the NFE project is the site with in demand jobs in Qatar across various roles including:

  • Petroleum engineers, geoscience professionals and offshore drilling operators.
  • Project managers, civil engineers and construction workers for offshore and onshore construction activities.
  • Mechanical, electrical and process engineers to oversee pipelines, plants and gas facilities.
  • Specialized roles in LNG train construction with EPC contractors like Chiyoda involved.

Along with the NFE project, some other top industries offering jobs in Qatar include:

  • Oil and gas – Jobs for engineers, managers, technicians, logistic professionals etc.
  • Construction – Project managers, engineers, contractors, welders, electricians in infrastructure projects.
  • Engineering consultancy roles for ambitious real estate and industrial developments.
  • Healthcare – Doctors, nurses, technicians, therapists in developing world-class healthcare.
  • Education – Teachers, principals and support staff across schools and training institutions.

In conclusion, Qatar’s economy continues to grow from strength to strength fueled by large investments in strategic sectors. Megaprojects like the North Field expansion are helping open up a wide range of high-skilled and technical job roles.

With a business-friendly environment and an ambitious vision for the future, the country offers a plethora of career options across diverse industries.

To help readers explore and apply for current job openings in Qatar, we have included a handy job search widget below from CareerJet – one of the largest employment sites in the region.

CareerJet has listings for positions across different skill levels and industries from top employers in Qatar. Using the widget, you can search for keywords like “engineering”, “construction” or “medical” to filter relevant vacancies.

By leveraging resources like CareerJet, along with networking platforms and company career pages, job seekers can actively scan the Qatar landscape for current matches and apply directly. We hope this blog post and embedded tool provide a useful overview and starting point for professionals interested in Qatar’s robust and continuously evolving job landscape.

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