The Best Restaurants in Al Maha Island to dine in

Al Maha Island is one of the leading entertainment and leisure destinations in Qatar, significantly elevating the country’s tourism and hospitality offerings. Situated along Lusail Marina promenade and connected to the mainland by a causeway, Al Maha Island welcomes over 1.5 million visitors annually.

The island is home to diverse attractions like Lusail Winter Wonderland and Bagatelle Beach Club. Visitors can choose from a curated selection of restaurants representing some of the world’s top brands. Here is a list of top Al Maha Island restaurants and a summary of visitors’ dining experiences:

Top Al Maha Island restaurants

Beefbar Doha

Beefbar is one of the most popular restaurants in Doha, Qatar, known for its high-end steaks and meat cuts. Located along the waterfront with beautiful views of the marina, Beefbar aims to provide an elegant and luxurious dining experience. However, the restaurant also comes with some drawbacks due to its high prices. Here are the key pros and cons of dining at Beefbar Doha based on Google Reviews.

  • Nearly all reviews praise the stunning interior design and decor of Beefbar, noting its elegant and sophisticated vibe. The outdoor seating overlooking the marina is also a major plus.
  • Most customers report excellent, attentive and friendly service from the staff. Certain servers like Gaurav, KD and Gerda receive multiple positive mentions.
  • In general, the quality of the meat and steak cuts served is top-notch according to reviews. Signature dishes like the fillet mignon and ribeye are consistently delicious.
  • The Saturday brunch at Beefbar with its live music and entertainment is a favorite for many. The atmosphere and variety of foods make it a special dining event.
  • Beefbar’s menu is among the costliest in Doha. Many note that while the food and experience is excellent, the prices may not always be justified.
  • Some mention that starter portions could be larger given the prices charged. A few also felt main courses were modestly sized.
  • A handful of reviews point out the lack of variety compared to other branches abroad. Non-meat eaters have fewer choices.
  • A minority of feedback indicates below average or overcooked dishes on some visits. A few cited poor service and long wait times.

In conclusion, Beefbar offers an overall superior dining experience for meat lovers able to afford its luxury prices. However, the high costs combined with occasional inconsistent quality keeps it from being perfect according to some customers. Advanced reservations are recommended to enjoy the refined ambiance and top-rated service.

Bagatelle Beach Club Doha

Bagatelle Beach Club in Doha prides itself as being a trendy lifestyle destination where guests can enjoy stunning ocean views, delicious cuisine, and lively parties. However, after reading through dozens of reviews on Google, it’s clear that visitors’ experiences at the club are a mixed bag. Here are some of the key pros and cons that potential diners should be aware of:

  • Many reviewers praised the atmosphere and ambiance, describing it as “stunning” and having a great “European vibe.” The beach setting and swimming pool seem to provide a laidback and relaxing environment.
  • Several mentioned the staff as being “friendly”, “professional”, and “ensuring they are comfortable.” Certain servers received shoutouts for their excellent service.
  • Several people experienced issues with the air conditioning and heat, with one party saying they were “dipped in sweat.” This created discomfort during their visit.
  • Prices were a common complaint, with some saying they were “very high compared to the taste of food.” Bills also had to be “checked carefully” according to one reviewer to avoid added charges.
  • Cleanliness was an issue mentioned, with flies present in the food area on at least one occasion.
  • Noise from loud music made it difficult to have conversations in the dining room for some.
  • Poor or unfair treatment regarding parking and valet services was noted in one review.

In summary, while Bagatelle provides a scenic beach escape, the quality of service and food may not always match the elevated price point based on these consumer appraisals. Prospective patrons will need to weigh these pros and cons and consider their dining priorities.


Zuma is an internationally renowned Japanese restaurant brand with locations all over the world, including one that opened in Doha last year. As with any restaurant, diners’ experiences can vary widely. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of dining at Zuma based on reviews left by customers on Google.

  • Many reviewers praised the stylish interior design and comfortable, sophisticated atmosphere created by Zuma. Several also mentioned enjoying the outdoor seating area and beautiful views.
  • Several dishes like the sushi, black cod, and specific appetizers and desserts received rave reviews about their delicious flavors. Many said the overall food quality was good.
  • A number of reviewers commented positively on the friendly, attentive service provided by staff. Several specifically called out individual staff members who went above and beyond.
  • For the Zuma location in Doha, reviewers appreciated its scenic spot on Al Maha Island. The environment added to the dining experience.
  • Some reviewers who had eaten at multiple Zuma locations said the Doha branch did not live up to the high standards of other locations in terms of food quality and taste.
  • A few patrons complained about wait times that were too long between courses or to receive drinks/menus. This detracted from their experience.
  • Several commented that the music was far too loud, making conversation and enjoying the meal difficult.
  • Many felt the prices did not match the portion sizes or quality of food received. Some dishes were not worth the high cost.
  • A minority of reviewers had negative interactions with staff like hostesses or managers that came across as rude or pushy.

So in summary, while Zuma creates an elegant atmosphere and some dishes definitely please tastebuds, the quality and service can be inconsistent according to patrons. The high prices also make it a less worthwhile experience for some diners. Prospective customers will need to weigh these pros and cons to determine if Zuma is right for them.

Tatel Doha

Tatel Doha is a Spanish restaurant located in Qatar that aims to provide an authentic Spanish dining experience with its cuisine, atmosphere and service. Based on reviews on Google about Tatel Doha, here are some of the key pros and cons of dining at this restaurant:

  • Many reviews praise the food, describing dishes like the cheesecake, octopus, paella and sea bass as delicious. The quality of ingredients and presentation of food receives positive feedback.
  • The setting and ambiance is commended in reviews, with live music, beautiful views and a comfortable environment mentioned. The decor and vibes help create an enjoyable dining experience.
  • Several reviews highlight excellent and attentive service from the staff. Individual servers like Pavel and Cinthya are named and thanked. The interest in customer satisfaction comes through.
  • Tatel Doha offers something different from other restaurants in Qatar according to reviews, with its authentic Spanish flavors and lively atmosphere. This makes it a good choice for special occasions.
  • While the quality of food is recognized, some reviews point out that Tatel Doha is on the pricier side. The prices are considered high for the level of cuisine.
  • A few reviews note that the experience and food quality can be inconsistent, with one diner complaining of tasteless dishes on a return visit. This indicates lack of consistency in food preparation and quality control.
  • Two reviews mention the music being too loud, describing it as like a nightclub. This could impact the ability to converse over meals for some diners.
  • Some reviews highlight slow service, limited drink options and lack of knowledge about Spanish cuisine among some staff members. Poor organization is also identified during brunch periods by one diner.

In conclusion, while Tatel Doha receives praise for its atmosphere and food from many loyal customers, inconsistent experiences and relatively high prices could be drawbacks to consider for some potential diners. Overall service standards also seem variable depending on individual interactions.


Carbone is one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Doha, consistently drawing crowds for its authentic cuisine and elegant ambiance. After reviewing dozens of guest reviews on Google, it’s clear that diners love many aspects of Carbone but also encounter some issues that the restaurant would do well to address.

  • Time and again, reviewers praise the delicious, well-prepared food at Carbone. Favorites include the Spicy Rigatoni, Lobster Ravioli, Veal Parmesan, and desserts like the Lemon Cheesecake. Dishes utilize high-quality ingredients and showcase Italian culinary techniques.
  • Both the indoor and outdoor seating areas are described as lovely and elegant. Dining al fresco while overlooking the marina is a big draw. The ambiance enhances the dining experience.
  • Most guests appreciate the attentive, knowledgeable service provided by waitstaff. Certain servers like Zaim, Tintin and Abdullah receive special praise for their hospitality and care for guests. This personal touch makes dining memorable.
  • A few reviews note being underwhelmed by certain dishes or feeling prices are high for the quality. Attention to details like proper seasoning is needed.
  • While many servers excel, some reviews describe unfavorable interactions and lack of communication from other staff. Ensuring consistently excellent service across shifts is a must.
  • A small number of guests had to wait unusually long periods, even 45 minutes, to receive orders or information without updates. Timely communication of any delays is important.

Overall, Carbone delivers an impressive dining experience for many thanks to its cuisine, atmosphere and standards of some staff. However, to consistently meet the high expectations set, the restaurant would benefit from further improvements to food consistency, service quality across shifts, streamlined operations to avoid long wait times, and upfront communication on parking/entrance fees. Addressing these concerns could elevate Carbone to the next level for guests. The pros certainly outweigh the cons for most visitors to what is clearly one of Doha’s premier restaurants.

Hope you found this information helpful on top restaurants in Al Maha Island. What are your thoughts on this. Let us know in the comments.

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