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Gorkhali Restaurant Review: Perspectives on Nepali Dining

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Gorkhali Restaurant is a popular Nepali restaurant located in Doha, Qatar. As one of the top options for authentic Nepali cuisine in the city, it receives both praise and criticism from customers. Let’s take a look at some of the key pros and cons of dining at Gorkhali Restaurant based on reviews shared online.

Pros that will draw you in

Authentic Nepali taste:

Many reviewers note that the food has a genuinely Nepali flavor that transports them back home. Dishes like momos, buff choila, and the thali sets are highlighted for their traditional tastes.

Good value:

Several people comment that the food is of high quality for the reasonable price charged. Dishes feel worth it given their taste and portion sizes.

Friendly staff:

The servers are frequently described as attentive, helpful, and creating a welcoming atmosphere. Their good hospitality enhances the dining experience.

Convenient location:

The restaurant is centrally located in Al Mansoura, making it accessible. Some appreciate being able to dine-in without needing to travel far.

Cons to be aware of

Inconsistent quality:

A few reviewers complain that sometimes the food lacks taste or is over-spiced. Quality seems to vary between visits.

Cleanliness issues:

Some mention finding leftover tissues or an unclean dining table even after requesting to have it wiped. Better hygiene standards could be adopted.

Poor online ordering:

Several note frustration with unanswered phone/app orders or wrong/missing items in deliveries. Delivery services require improvement.

Higher prices:

A minority feel the food is overpriced for the portion sizes. While most find it reasonably priced, value is subjective.

In conclusion, while Gorkhali Restaurant receives praise for its traditional Nepali cuisine and ambiance from loyal regulars, inconsistent food quality and delivery/hygiene issues based on some reviews indicate room for improvement. But it remains a popular local option for those seeking a taste of home. More consistent standards could help boost its reputation further.

Gorkhali Restaurant Location

7G9G+RC4, Rawdat Al Khail St, Doha 7G9G+RC4،, شارع روضة الخيل،, Doha


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