Udupi Restaurant Doha: Karnataka Cuisine Mangalorean Flavors

udupi restaurant

Udupi Restaurant is one of the few authentic Mangalorean and Udupi cuisine restaurants located in Qatar. Patrons looking to satisfy their cravings for coastal Karnataka foods like neer dosas, kori rotti, ghee roast and fish curries often flock to this restaurant. However, like any other dining establishment, Udupi Restaurant also seems to have its share of positives and weaknesses based on customer reviews on Google. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons:

Pros that will draw you in

Authentic flavors:

Many reviewers have highlighted that the restaurant serves up genuine Mangalorean and Udupi cuisine dishes that transport them back home. The masalas, gravies and flavors seem true to the coastal Karnataka style of cooking.

Affordable prices:

Most items on the menu fall in the price range of 1-50 QAR making it pocket friendly for customers. Meal options like fish thalis and chicken thalis are available at very reasonable rates.

Homely vibe:

The small, cosy setting and use of local languages like Tulu and Kannada by staff help create a homely atmosphere appreciated by patrons.

Cons to be aware of

Limited seating:

Given the small size of the restaurant, it can accommodate only a few families/groups at a time which may lead to waiting periods.

Inconsistent quality:

While some praise the authentic tastes, others have complained about oiliness, undercooked items and lack of flavours especially in side dishes like sambar and chutneys.

Limited menu items:

A few reviews mention items like dosas not being available sometimes or limited options overall.

Basic amenities & service:

A few patrons highlighted lack of tissues/napkins and unhelpful staff.

Hygiene & quality issues:

Isolated reviews have flagged poorly cooked or frozen meats and unclean surfaces.

In summary, Udupi Restaurant seems like a promising place for authentic coastal Karnataka cuisine but needs to work on consistency, quality, hygiene and basic amenities/service aspects to provide a truly satisfying experience according to most customers. Have you dined at this Udupi restaurant? Share your experience in the comments.

Udupi Restaurant Menu


Udupi Restaurant Location:

Building No. 22, Zone No. 45, Street, 840 Al Matar Al Qadeem St, Doha


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